Formation of the band

After the poor results of Popstars II - IV, the producers decided in 2006 to start one more casting project similar to the first one, when the famous "No Angels" were born. It was August 10th 2006, when the casting for a new girl group started. The motto was "The country in want of "New Angels"".

The new band was finally picked on November 23rd 2006. Senna Guemmour was the first winner, followed by Bahar Kizil and last but not least, Mandy Capristo won the telephone voting against Romina Reinhardt.

Mandy, Senna und Bahar (v.l.) Foto © by Bernhard Kuehmstedt

Cover affair

By inadvertently publishing a single cover before the final contest, caused speculatons, that the band members had already been preselected. The Amazon website showed a cover featuring Katarzyna Zinkiewitz, Mandy Capristo, and Bahar Kizil including the band name "Monrose" instead of showing an empty space. ProSieben disclaimed and declared they had preproduced all potential covers for the timely release of the single. They confirmed "Monrose" to be the band name and "Shame" to be the first song to be published.

Start of the career

The first single "Shame" was published in Decenber 1st 2006, eight days after the final contest. The album "Temptation" followed one week later and was a success right from the beginning. The success of "Shame" on the official Internet download portals is unprecedented: "Shame" has been the most downloaded single within Germany during the first week after its publication.

On December 9th 2006 "Shame" got the "gold record award" for 150.000 sold CDs. Two days later, tha album "Temptation" won the "gold record award", too. On December 14th, the "platin record award" followed. In Austria, Monrose earned a "gold record award" for 15.000 CDs sold.


Monrose have been nominated for two renowned music awards, the Echo 2007 and Comet 2007. Unfortunately, they did not succeed.

Eurovision Song Contest

Monrose participated in the German preselection for the Eurovision Song Contest and mesmerized the audience with their interpretation of "Wunder gibt es immer wieder!", a former Grand Prix hit, originally performed by Katja Ebstein. In the finals, they performed a newly arranged version of "Even Heaven Cries". The Grand Prix 2007 in Helsinky took place without Monrose. Roger Cicero had won the telephone voting.



Temptation, published Dec. 8, 2006; charts ranking: 1 (DE), 1 (AT), 1 (CH)


Shame, published Dec. 1, 2006; charts ranking: 1 (DE), 1 (AT), 1 (CH). Even Heaven Cries, published Mar. 2, 2007; charts ranking: 6 (DE), 17 (AT), 19 (CH).


Popstars, the Making of Monrose, published Dec. 15, 2006; charts ranking: 36 (DE), 1 (AT), 47 (CH).

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